10 Rules to come up with TOTALLY outrageous BRAINSTORMING ideas

The FUTURE of Learning


(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1Rn0UAk)

Ever thought your brain was in a traffic jam? Well a good dose of brainstorming (if done the right way) can loosen up everything and get you flying all the way to your success story!

For many people brainstorming is not easy, we do get stuck with a lot of complications to every idea, and after doing considerable research myself, I realised that the key to getting your group to really think outside of the norm is to do these things:


  1. Nominate someone to be the Facilitator and Record Keeper

Make sure when the group gets together that someone is making sure everyone has a chance to speak and everyone has a chance to get their idea fully explained as well as written down.

  1. Make sure the group has no more than 10 people

The more in the group the less chance people will haveā€¦

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